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It can be truly frustrating that, despite all this new technology to make our lives easier,  we are more over-worked, frazzled, overwhelmed and stretched to our limits than ever before! We are literally working ourselves to death, and have little time to do the things we truly enjoy with the people we love!

We’re starving for authentic inner peace, deeper connections, balance and better health.  We want the energy and clarity of mind to do the things that make us happy and feel truly nourished in mind, body and soul.  But if we’re not practicing the art of Mindful Self-C.A.R.E we lose the cornerstone to a healthier, happier more fulfilling life. We actually create more stress and overwhelm for ourselves and miss out on a truly nourishing life.

My name is Dina Hansen, and I’ve been a Doctor of Natural Health for more than 15 years. If you are at a cross-roads in your life, going through a challenging transition or simply tired of feeling sick and tired, then I can teach you how the art of Mindful Self-C.A.R.E can help you transform your self-sabotaging habits, self-criticizing thoughts and overwhelming stress in a way that is natural, easy to do and sustainable.

The women I’ve had the pleasure of talking with over the years have learned how to break free from their self-imposed limitations and negative self-talk, causing them to feel overwhelmed and under appreciated. How to prevent the overwhelm that leads to anxiety attacks, as well as emotional over-eating. They’ve learned HOW to connect with their authentic selves, so they can experience a higher quality of life, that is more nourishing, balanced and energized. Living each day in balance, with greater confidence and ease. In fact, many of my clients have been from right here in the Tampa Bay area, and have extended as far as California, New York and even over seas to England!

"Dina gave me the keys to successfully change my life in a way that NO ONE else could EVER AnnFaceShotdo before. From the moment I began her program, I saw improvements in myself AND those around me. As I learned to love myself and give myself what I needed in life, I noticed that my family and friends began to model my behavior. Huge insights for me I could only make with her help. Dina helps you put your plan together and put it into action.  She breaks it down into manageable and attainable steps and then shows you how to unlock the secret to your dreams, so you can make those dreams a reality. I now have a happy and healthy life.  The life I always wanted. " -Ann L, Apollo Beach

heartDr Dina is the friend everyone wishes they had.  She is supportive, encouraging, and unafraid to call you out when you’re being less than awesome.  She is very attuned to you and your individual needs, and tailors her approach to those needs, which is why this program is so successful.  No more one-size-fits all mentoring, no more plus-size clothing!  If you have forgotten that you are a person who is worthy and valuable, then Dr. Dina will help you remember.” -Kris Montes, FL


"I think the most important thing is that Dina offers solutions.  Susie Worthy NoteWorthyPractical solutions! I'm a problem solver myself in my business life so I appreciate someone helping me. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who suffers from stress, stress eating or indigestion. Now I have a more concentrated mind and true digestive relief. Thank you."

- Susie Wadleigh, UK

heartDr. Dina helps you see yourself in different light.  You learn to talk to yourself more positively, and if you have a set-back, that’s fine, just start again.  You always start where you are and never have to go further then where you are comfortable going. It’s very easy to work with Dr. Dina.  She’s not demanding or judgmental, she listens to you. Regular therapies never really helped the problems long term.  The program would work for a while, but then you’d stop following the steps, and you’d feel the same.  I believe I will keep on this path. I have definitely seen a decrease in my stress levels, and if I do have an “episode” then the length of it lessens.  I feel I am more in control of the desired outcome and it does not consume me anymore.” -Cassie, TX

I know I can help you too.

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“Your 90 second relaxation program really does the trick! Anytime I feel like my world is spinning out of control I ask myself, “What would Dina do?”, and just go straight to your relaxation technique. It works every time!” – Jen B.

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